The response to increased safety and security threats, as well as increased technological innovations are largely responsible for the demand of key card access control systems.


Areas with significantly large foot traffic can no longer be regarded safe by letting everyone hop in at any given time of the day or night. Efficiency and cost of operations are also factors to consider since taking too long to grant access to potential customers can be wrongly interpreted one way of telling them they are not welcomes.


Benefits of key card access control systems to your building(s)

Several importance of key card access control systems include:


Safety of the building under which the system is installed

Key card access control systems are set to observe various safety protocols before an individual is granted access to a building or part of a building. If It is a residential apartment, for example, a person living on the fifth floor can be granted full access to his or her floor of residence via the lift as well as the basement parking while being restricted from reaching other zones of the building.


In the case of a commercial building; maximum safety precautions can be maintained since everyone setting foot into the building has to have his or her credentials verified before accessing the goods or services he or she is seeking.


Affordable costs of maintenance in case of loss or theft of key cards

In cases where manual keys to a building are lost or stolen, the whole lock system has to be replaced since third parties with the access to the key can duplicate more copies or use what they have to access a given facility. This is costly in terms of maintenance since door locks are expensive to replace.


However, the case is very different to buildings managed by key card access control systems. In the event that a key card is lost or stolen, the card is simply deregistered from the system and denied access to a building. This means that the lock system remains intact with only the key card having to be replaced.


Centralized access control

Imagine of a situation where you have to give and monitor the use of manual keys to every door in a given facility with multiple rooms such as hospitals. There are many risks associated with such manual forms of access control management.

With a key card access control system, you get to monitor all the inlets and outlets to your facility from one central location. If you want person A to access doors B and C but be denied entry into doors E and F, you simple grant and limit those privileges on their access cards from a central location without having to physically be in touch with them.

Undisputable record keeping

Key card access control systems keep undisputable records about different access into a building. The records can include; times of entry and exit, name of the card holder, name of door being accessed, access status i.e granted or denied, and much more. If incorporated with CCTV systems, the access control systems can go to as far as keeping the facial records of those seeking entry into different areas of a building.

Key card access control systems is one of the most efficient methods for maintaining the security of a building. If there are security problems such as theft or unwarranted access into sections of a building, access control systems will enhance safety of such a building and even give vital links to potential evidences during investigations.