Skype for Business (SfB) has an amazing run as one of the best unified communications (UC) platforms.This powerful collaboration tool for real-time input is the easiest option to getting your team together as you solely focus towards meeting your business objectives. A technology which supports real-time collaboration of up to 250 people through video conferencing, audio streams,  sharing of screens, built-in instant messaging capabilities, annotated powerpoints, and recording of meetings is surely a milestone that SfB has assisted many organizations to effectively realize.


So, how do you ensure that your teams meet unparalleled utilization of Skype for Business UC having it in mind that it is such a result yielding investment? You simply integrate it with a Skype for Business Reporting Dashboard which guarantees all the answers to your question.


An executively build reporting dashboard that is fully and amazingly functional such as reporting solutions for Skype for Business by UnifySquare guarantees the visibility you need to what’s going on within your unified communications environment. You can see through historical data reports in one view meaning that you will no longer be driving blind and waiting for a hoot to tell you that your are just about to crash.


And since Skype for Business reporting solutions gives you an in-depth view of what is taking place within your UC environment, you are bound to gain new insights from descriptive analytics and patterns. You can identify abnormalities or areas that need specialized attention in order to uplift both the end-users and the organization’s experiences.


Satisfaction scores are always an indicator of whether the SfB platform your enterprise has adopted is meeting the anticipated obligations. With a reporting solution that features an easy to use instant messaging survey system to gather user feedback, your are better positioned to proactively take the pulse based on the established satisfaction scores and surfaced issues.

Since most organizations love to benchmark with other similar ones to gauge their position in the industry, SfB reporting solutions is a better option to deliver a patented crowdsourced aggregate benchmarking system. With well developed solutions such as PowerSuiteTM,  you can view how your SfB environment compares against other environments.

Beyond descriptive analytics, there is always the predictive analytics that you can enjoy from Skype for Business reporting. This will provide the SfB engineers with a set of prescriptive guidance for IT troubleshooting purposes so that they are prioritized during the various maintenance operations.

Finally, when it comes to accounting requirements, a reporting dashboard will give you a well broken-down location-based billing information essential for departmental chargebacks as well as future budgeting. You can, therefore, detect anomalies from the billing trends you have been observing over time.

As you assess and prepare you Skype for Business unified communications systems for the best end user experiences as possible, you can do it from a better-informed angle with a robust reporting solution. It forms part of a plan that gives all the insights you need while managing your UC platform.